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CT31-CT41 Functionality


The navigation function handles all the data associated with GPS positioning, vehicle movement data and displays the position on a street level map.

Using the built in navigation functions you are able to validate the data before it gets written, decide when and if or how often you want to transmit the navigation data. This type of functionality saves cost as no unnecessary data is being stored or transmitted.

By issuing the nav_ping command you can request vehicle position or group of vehicles in real time. This will instruct the unit to send all data regarding the vehicle navigation and movement to the output option.

The nav_ping the data that is transmitted are:
  • Latitude, Longitude,
  • Height
  • Speed or natilus “knots”
  • Course (360 degrees)
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • ValidData (this is an indicator of the GPS validity “correctness” depending on the satellite reception)
  • SV (Reports the Satellite Vehicle ID)
  • I/O Byte (1 byte that describes the current status of the defined input or output option)

You can use this data to:
  • Plot and playback the route of a vehicle on an interactive map.
  •  View vehicle speed in next to real time.
  • View the course and direction value in 360o degrees.
  • Generate multidimensional navigation reports.
    • Vehicle navigation/movement reports
    • Group travel reports
    • Fleet visit to custom point of interest
    • Vehicle start and stop time
    • Report the idle time of vehicles (unit is switched ON but has no movement)
    • GPS area reception reports

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