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CT31-CT41 Functionality

Flash Memory Handling

The CT31-CT41 unit comes with 0.5 megabyte up to 8 megabyte of storage. This enables you cut down cost on data transfer as you are able to store data locally on the unit for weekly/monthly batch processing. 0.5MB holds over 16.000 log entries at the report frequency of 30sec. Circa 14 working days.

The memory function can instruct the unit to restore all settings to factory default. At any given time you find out how many records that are currently held in the flash memory bank. It will report back the number of navigation and alarm records currently stored in the memory. By using this functionality you can instruct the CT31-CT41 to check its own memory bank and if for example 75% is used, make the unit connect to a database and transfer all available data. After this command is carried out and the data verified successfully the unit is ready clear its memory bank, hence all navigation and alarm data will become empty.

The CT31-CT41 firmware enables event driven reading and transmitting of data. For example you can investigate a certain day or event by requesting specific data that lie within a pre-determined time period. Available start and end parameters are YYYY, MM, DDDD, HH, MIN, SEC. (E.G. 2005-06-22:10:24:06)

By default memory can store up to 5 different phone numbers, which can be up to 12 digits long. Each phone number is specified for incoming or outgoing connections.

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