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CT31-CT41 Functionality


This function allows you to raise software or hardware driven alarms. By using these alarms or triggers you can create your own custom event driven scenarios.

Alarms can either be sent directly to a database or saved to the memory bank. By default the CT31-CT41 unit comes with pre-set investigated alarms scenarios. These alarms allows you to trigger the unit to take an action based on the vehicle speed, navigation, engine status, GSM/GPRS coverage, memory, Geo Fence (restrictions in geographical reference) Plus an additional 3 extra I/O hardware sensors. All alarms can be switched ON or OFF depending on wanted functionality.

The CT31-CT41 device supports 4 alarm output options.
  1. Save the alarm event to the flash memory for later processing.
  2. Send the alarm directly via the SMS.
  3. Send the alarm via TCP/IP GPRS internet connection.
Output the alarm indication via RS232 protocol to another device.


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