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CT31-CT41 Functionality


The CT31-CT41 comes with TCP/IP support via GPRS connection. This enables the unit batch send weekly readings or instantly forward data packets to several IP addresses and multiple databases.

Once the data is located at the data center its available to be used for multiple applications and reporting software. By using GPRS transportation high-demand systems are able to display alarms, navigation data and vehicle speed next to real time.

The firmware holds the following data, destination IP, TCP port or UDP port, APN name for the GPRS, username and password for the GPRS and source TCP port number that the unit listens to. If you remotely make any changes to these settings it automatically disconnects from the attached GSM network and reconnects with the new settings. The CT31-CT41 firmware comes with integrated GPRS status and report monitoring as well as a top cover led indicator.


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