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SiteCosmos Overview

Web Site Development and Administration

Online Wizard (Web Site Development and Maintenance Tool).

The Online Wizard is the easiest way to create and maintain your personal or corporate Web Site. The process is structured on a sequential, step-by-step basis. Detailed instructions are provided on screen, guiding you through each step of the process, and ensuring that you exploit all the functionalities of the SiteCosmos solution you have selected!

Preview Tool.

You can preview the results at the end of each step of the Online Wizard web creation process. Don’t like the outcome? Go back and modify your pages; this is web development flexibility at its best! No special web design or programming skills required!

Web Site Design Templates.

Each Solution offers a variety of segment specific Design Templates that will provide every Web Site with a personal “Look & Feel”. Our portfolio of available designs and “skins” is being continuously updated.

Segment Specific Modules.

At the core of each SiteCosmos Solution lie the Segment Specific Modules, specifically designed and developed to cover the special needs of small and medium companies, individual professionals and hobbyists. You just have to choose the SiteCosmos Solution that fits you better and everything else has been taken care of for you.

Dynamic Module Selection Tool.

We are proud of our Modular, Segment Specific Solutions and the vast functionality and flexibility they offer to our Members. Use the dynamic Module selection tool to change the structure and content of your Web Site in no time. Activating and deactivating the Modules according to your needs, without changing or losing their content, is as easy as 1-2-3!

Module Customization Tool.

You can exploit the vast functionality of each Solution by customizing the names of the Modules. So even if we didn’t foresee one of your needs (something quite improbable!), you can create your own customized modules and add the content you want.

User Profile Manager.

This tool allows you to update your personal account information (such as username and password) at any time, increasing your site’s security.
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