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SiteCosmos Overview

E-Commerce Tools

“Product Presentation” Module.

This module, available in SMECosmos, offers you the capability to list, classify and present your products in a simple way. Upload photos, add description, set quotes – no technical background required!

“Product Catalog” Module.

Available also in SMECosmos, the Product Catalog Module covers in-depth your needs for product presentation. You can define categories and subcategories of products, templates of product features and special products listings.

“Shopping Cart” Module.

Shortly available for the SiteCosmos platform, this tool allows your site’s visitors to add selected items from your Product Catalog in a virtual ‘shopping basket’. After completing their selection, they can send you a Request for Quote or fill out an on-line Order Form.

“Special Offers” Module.

The Special Offers Module, available in FoodCosmos, gives you the opportunity to promote on your homepage your special online offers.

“Credit Cards” Module.

Also available in FoodCosmos, this Module is an effective way to let your visitors and customers know which credit cards you accept.
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