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SiteCosmos Overview

Communication Tools

“Contact Us” Module.

You can provide contact data allowing people to communicate with you. Available in SMECosmos, ArchiCosmos, ArtsCosmos, FoodCosmos, WedCosmos and BabyCosmos.

“Mailing List” Module.

Allow people to submit their e-mail addresses to your list. Afterwards, if you wish, you can get in touch with them. Available in SMECosmos, MediCosmos, ArchiCosmos, ArtsCosmos, PoliticsCosmos, WedCosmos, StudentCosmos and BabyCosmos. A very handy and efficient tool to conduct database marketing / direct mail activities .

“Guest Book” Module.

An effective way to allow your visitors to get in touch with you. Through the Module you can administer (post at web site, archive or delete) all submitted messages. Available in MediCosmos, PoliticsCosmos, WedCosmos, StudentCosmos and BabyCosmos.

“Feedback” Module.

Allow people to send you a greeting message or their opinion through a special feedback form. Access and manage (post at web site, archive or delete) their messages through this module. Available in SMECosmos, ArchiCosmos, ArtsCosmos, and FoodCosmos.

“Poll / Survey” Module.

Set up your own survey to collect information about the people who visit your website. Interesting conclusions may arise about their likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences. E-commerce sites can study who their customers are and how to serve them better.

“References / Links” Module.

In this module you can add references to favorite or useful web sites. Available in SMECosmos, PoliticsCosmos and StudentCosmos.

Secure Login and User Management Capabilities.

In some cases, you will need to create specific users or add extra security to your web site enabling access only to those that you will provide with a password. Available in MediCosmos and BabyCosmos.
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