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SiteCosmos Overview

Presentation Tools

“About Us” Module.

Present your company, yourselves or anything else distinctive in your site. You can create as many “about us” profiles as you want. Available in SMECosmos, ArchiCosmos, ArtsCosmos, FoodCosmos and WedCosmos.

“Personal Information” Module.

This module is specifically designed so you can present personal, distinctive information to your Web Site. Available in MediCosmos, ArchiCosmos, ArtsCosmos, PoliticsCosmos and StudentCosmos.

“CV” Module.

You can easily create your Curriculum Vitae (Resume) using this module. Additionally, you can upload a file (word document, PDF etc.) of your CV. Available in MediCosmos, PoliticsCosmos and StudentCosmos.

“History” Module.

Present important milestones in the history of your company. Available in SMECosmos and FoodCosmos.

“Projects” Module.

Present your projects in a comprehensive and aesthetically perfect way. Available in ArchiCosmos, ArtsCosmos, PoliticsCosmos and StudentCosmos.

“Photo Album” Module.

You can create a complete photo album through this module. Create different categories and upload any photo you like. There is no restriction in how many categories you create or pictures you upload. Available in MediCosmos, ArchiCosmos, ArtsCosmos, PoliticsCosmos, FoodCosmos, WedCosmos, StudentCosmos and BabyCosmos.
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