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Segment Modules


“Practice Locations” Module.

You can enter multiple practice locations in this module. You can even upload a map image for each of them so that people can easily find them.

“Working Hours” Module.

For each practice location, you can post your working hours.

“Appointments” Module.

This module offers your visitors the ability to request an appointment with you. You can access and administer their requests through the Online Web Site Development and Maintenance Tool. Additionally, an automatic email will be send to an e-mail address of your choice so that you will get informed every time you have an appointment request.

“Patients” Module.

You can create a personal account for each of your patients. You can add their personal and treatment information. Moreover, each of your patients will have a private area in your web site (accessed with a login password) where you will be able to post private information.

“Expertise” Module.

You can list your medical expertise and specialization.

“Care Philosophy” Module.

You can use this module to give information about the treatments you use or to discuss your philosophy for treating patients.

“Insurance” Module.

You can use this module to display the insurance companies and authorities that you cooperate with.

“Examples of Treatment” Module.

Use this module to talk about “before and after” cases where your patients made a remarkable improvement or recovery under your treatment.
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