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Segment Modules


“Our Honeymoon” Module.

Share the special moments of your Honeymoon with your site’s visitors. Add as many pictures and as much text as you want.

“Our Family” Module.

You can use this module to present your family members.

“Our Wedding Day” Module.

Pictures and stories of your most special day can be available in a special page of your web site.

“Our Love Story” Module.

This module is designed to tell the story of how you and your fiancé/spouse met. Include all the romantic or not-so romantic details.

“Invitation Card” Module.

You can upload a picture of your invitation card in this module. Additionally, you can include a detailed description of your invitation card.

“Map Directions” Module.

Use this module to post in your web site directions to various hotels, the wedding location, and to the reception.
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