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“My Courses” Module.

This module can be used to list the classes and courses you are currently attending.

“My Room” Module.

Present your room in your web site by creating different topics that contain both text and pictures.

“My Teachers” Module.

Through this module you can list your favorite teachers; those that had an impact on your life.

“My Family” Module.

You can use this module to present your family members.

“School Life” Module.

You can let people know the details of everyday life in your school. Share interesting school life “anecdotes” with your visitors.

“My Friends” Module.

Present your friends through this module. If you want, you can add a picture and also a link to their web site.

“My Clubs” Module.

Use this module to list and describe the clubs and extra-curricular groups that you are involved in.

“Thumbs Up!” Module.

Share your thoughts and impressions on people, places, activities or anything else that excites you.

“Thumbs Down!” Module.

In this module you can describe anything that makes you angry or gives you the blues.

“My Future” Module.

Your hopes and dreams for the future can be listed in this module. Let your visitors know about them.

“My Poems” Module.

Use this module to show your poetic talents or quote your favourite poets.

“Astrology” Module.

Just enter your birthday and the “Astrology” page of your web site will present your sign’s symbol. You can also include additional information in the form of a text description and a picture.

“My Hobbies” Module.

In this module you can present your hobbies and interests using text, pictures and links to other web sites.

“My Memories” Module.

My Memories” module is a great place to start a chronicle of events that happen throughout your life. Like a diary, except that the whole world can read it!
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