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Internet Solutions

At COMPUCON we view Internet Solutions as, -real solutions to real problems.

A solution to a problem can be everything, starting with a simple internet presence, much like a business card or expanding to the real world scenarios, where companies have difficulties in managing projects, communication, customer relationship management and too much paper work.

Every case that COMPUCON S.A. takes on board starts off by studying the real problem which involves mapping out the process, that is made up from people, tasks and most important, the whished outcome. This gives us and our client’s real focus on the job at hand and enables us to build a structured software application with the goal of solving the real problem.

Let us also mention that we use internet as the working environment, giving access to the same software to hundreds of users with one update point and usually no license fee.

Available Solutions:

  • Information Portals
  • Cooperate Websites
  • Intranets
  • Content Management Systems
  • Project Management Tools
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
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