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Stile Italiano

Embroidery Anthology Stile Italiano design collection

COMPUCON S.A. is proud to announce the launch of Embroidery Anthology - Stile Italiano.

The renowned Italian sense of style has been brought to embroidery in this new design collection, containing over 4,500 ready to sew Italian designs, first shown at IMB 2003 in Cologne - Germany.

Stile Italiano operates, with a built-in, easy to use software program, with which you can search through the categories and designs by design name.

You can load designs, modify them, change dimensions and density with stitch processing, print and save the designs to machine disk in all popular machine formats.

Stile Italiano is accompanied by a colour printed catalogue to make browsing easier and product demonstrations more professional.

Animals.pdf 1.55 MB
Casual.pdf 1.69 MB
Children.pdf 3.60 MB
Emblems.pdf 2.68 MB
Flowers.pdf 3.12 MB
Food.pdf 1.05 MB
Holidays.pdf 1.023.87 KB
Mascots.pdf 643.35 KB
Miscellaneous.pdf 3.04 MB
Nautical.pdf 3.72 MB
Necklines.pdf 1.00 MB
Occupational.pdf 510.12 KB
People.pdf 1.14 MB
Sport.pdf 2.23 MB
Transportation.pdf 504.68 KB
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