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SiteCosmos Concept

The SiteCosmos 'Golden Equilibrium' Way

Use the SiteCosmos™ platform to build, publish, host and maintain your web site.


Ability to deliver your own 'look and feel' without having any technical knowledge or skill. You can choose from many templates, styles, fonts and colours that produce an extraordinary number of combinations.

Functionality is based on your needs. Every solution is specially designed for the specific segment (e.g. doctors will find all the necessary functionality for a doctor embedded in the MediCosmos™ solution).

No matter what style you choose for your web site, it is guaranteed that issues like browser compatibility, search engine submission and optimization, professional and functional layout, basic e-commerce features, Flash intro etc. are completely and effectively covered.

Long hours of business consultants and design experts work is already embedded in SiteCosmos™ and ready for you to utilize!

Low cost for a full, comprehensive (building, hosting, maintaining) solution. No extra charges for maintenance or updates in functionality and layout capabilities.

Building your site will be a rewarding activity as you will have to use your own creativity and imagination in the web site's building procedure.

Easy and amusing site building procedure 'especially for Lego fans'

You do not only create a web site, but become a member of a community expanding in a multinational and multi-segment network of portals.

Content creation can be undertaken by proven professionals (graphic designers, photographers, etc.) within the SiteCosmos™ community - it's your choice whether to outsource or not!

Maintenance of your web site can be done with the same tools used for building it. No extra charge, no need for extra skills and no need to take the site offline.

Your relationship with SiteCosmos™ is subscription-based; you can terminate it anytime, at no cost. That way you don't have to worry about risky long-term commitments with third parties.

Contains all the 'pros' of both the other ways and eliminates most of their 'cons', offering the best 'value for money'.


Content (logos, images, photos, text) needs to be provided and updated by you. This can take you a considerable amount of time and effort, but you can always opt to benefit from the SiteCosmos™ community outsourcing capabilities.

More effort and time needed for building the site than with the DIFY way (although this may not hold true if you count the time and effort needed to find the right consultants and work with them!).

May prove not suitable for companies that require a website with extended e-business capabilities, capable of low-level integration with business applications, or highly specialized web design requirements. Nevertheless, it is always worth giving SiteCosmos™ a try - you can always terminate the subscription!

Skills Needed:

To be acquainted with using a web browser and your PC (mainly for uploading images mostly but also for creating your own images and texts).

To have the patience and willingness to experiment with all the templates and functionalities that SiteCosmos™ offers in order to achieve building the web site you envisage.


SiteCosmos™ provides the 'Golden equilibrium' in web presence approaches, balancing attributes of 'Do-It-Yourself' solutions (low cost, high control and autonomy) and features of 'Do-It-For-You' offerings (segment- or hobby- specific design, 'turnkey' solution, professional support).

Solutions currently offered by SiteCosmos™ cover special web presence needs of companies (Small & Medium Sized Enterprises, Restaurants), solo professionals (Healthcare Practitioners, Politicians, Architects, Artists), social events (Weddings, Births) and lifestyle / hobbies (Students, Sport Clubs), in ways much more effective than you can imagine, for a price that is hard to believe!

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